A1 illustration commissions – high detail


Okay this is a doozy, this is an A1 sized illustration with up to 100 characters in it.  Lots of details.

These will probably have to be themed rather than specific scenes – for instance you could go with:

  • Ash from Evil Dead surrounded by deadites (standing on top of the car chainsaw held aloft)
  • The interior of a borg cube
  • Ripley and Newt surrounded by xenomorphs
  • A straight up zombie filled landscape
  • The alien queen surrounded by eggs and xenomorphs
  • The briefing scene from Star Trek the Motion Picture

Anything that has a large number of things or a large thing with detail like the Enterprise in dry dock etc.

I know this one is expensive but I’ve been thinking about doing a giant piece like this for ages and I think it will end up being really cool.



Before buying please consider:

  • I choose the manner in which to depict the character/scene you wish. Your input is to specify the characters/scene – it’s my job from there on to do in my style of illustration.  This honestly just gives you a better experience all round – the illustration will be more original and creative.
  • This is for a much more detailed A3 sized illustration that can include up to twenty characters or a highly detailed object (such as the spaceship from The Fifth Element etc)
  • They don’t come framed.
  • Any I choose may appear online, probably long before you receive the original but the digital copy will be emailed to you first before going online
  • I’m trying to book out the next couple of months so there will be a delay, I just work on these in the order they come as this is a highly detailed and huge one I will probably work on it in chunks.
  • You’ll get instructions in the purchase notification email to work out the details of the piece!
  • These are of course one-off original artwork, these will NOT be prints or reproductions!
  • They will be done in ink, watercolour, copics and/or prismacolors on A5 heavy stock high-quality paper.
  • Also because this will be the original piece it will occasionally feature faint pencil lines etc which I like personally but just want to give fair warning.
  • Ships in cardboard or poster roll.
  • Check out http://leedrawsstuff.com for more art by me!