A5 Character Commission Pieces


For a limited time, I’m reopening commission requests for A5 pop culture illustrations. Pick your favourite character from any genre / show / movie / game / comic etc etc (if it’s really obscure then you’re going to have to supply clear photos – no character design work).



Before buying please consider:

  • I’M NOT GUARANTEEING XMAS DELIVERY (if you’re quick then maybe but I don’t want to disappoint anyone and ruin someone’s gift – you’ll get a high res digital image if you want to use that as a placeholder)
  • I choose the manner in which to depict the character you wish. Your input is to specify the character & what era ie Yellow Daredevil vs Red Daredevil – it’s my job from there on to do in my style of illustration.
  • One character.
  • They don’t come framed.
  • Any I choose will appear online, maybe even before you receive the original but you’ll see the digital copy first before anyone else – I do not mention you so if it’s a gift the person won’t know.
  • Depending on volume it may take a couple of weeks, I’m going to try and keep it capped at a manageable number.
  • I can end this opportunity at any time
  • Upon purchase, I’ll send you an email to work out the details of the piece or you can just include that in the purchase notes

These are of course one-off original artwork, these will NOT be prints or reproductions!

They will be done in ink, watercolour, copics and/or prismacolors on A5 heavy stock high-quality paper.

You can request it to be inked or to be pencilled – it just leaves a different effect.

Also because this will be the original piece it will occasionally feature faint pencil lines etc which I like personally but just want to give fair warning.