The Dominion War Fan Art Sketch Card set – 25 Cards


Thanks to special permission from the person who commissioned this series of sketch cards based during the Dominion War I’m pleased to offer you the opportunity to preorder this new set of fan art sketch cards.

For more info see below.

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The Dominion War Fan Art Sketch Card series is a set of 25 trading card sized illustrations featuring characters from DS9 during the Dominion War era. ¬†This set was originally commissioned and with special permission from the owner I’m offering everyone to have their own set.

Last year’s Women of Trek series had an amazing response and I am using the same printers for this set. ¬†Likewise this will be a limited offer, once they are all gone there will be no reprints. so if you are interested I would suggest locking in your set sooner rather than later (I don’t even have a set of the WoT cards!!!).

Cards are trading card size double sided coated gloss and will be ordered as soon as I finish work on the last card.

If you are unsure if you’d like the whole set I’m including a full list of characters below to help make your mind up – please note that this list is set and was a commissioned series:

  • Captain Benjamin Sisko
  • Jadzia Dax
  • Miles O’Brien
  • Julian Bashir
  • Kira
  • Odo
  • Quark
  • Worf
  • Jake
  • Nog
  • Rom
  • Grand Nagus Zek
  • Garak
  • Dukat
  • Damar
  • Ziyal
  • Female Changeling
  • Weyoun
  • Martok
  • Kai Winn
  • Gowron
  • Admiral Ross
  • Morn
  • Jem’Hadar
  • Deep Space Nine

Why a preorder?

I need to reach a certain number of orders to make the project viable otherwise it doesn’t go ahead (if it doesn’t make the number I refund 100%).